Removing the cast glass piece from the investment mould at the Fonderie de Verre de St. Alban.

Kate Urban is a Canadian artist who mainly works with sculpture. By choosing the medium of cast glass, Urban creates work through labour-intensive processes  inspired as much by mythology as by the Art Nouveau movement.

With their ethereal luminosity, her cast glass sculptures attempt to examine the over-looked phenomenon of fairytale in an increasingly sterile, adult world.  Urban’s pieces transport the viewer to that longed-for place in childhood where anything is possible.  

By referencing the collective memory of mythology and story, Urban’s sculptures invite the viewer to make new, personal associations.  Her works open a unique poetic vein: multilayered images arise in which the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality are brought to the forefront, and as a result this reality is questioned. 

Kate Urban currently spends her time between her atelier in Sweden

and the cast glass foundry in Brittany, France.